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Solutions for testing of Soil Constituents with ease!

We help farmers increase their yield by providing timely on the spot soil testing results through an electronic device that measures the soil macronutrients Nitrogen. Phosphorous, Potassium (NPK), pH, Organic Carbon, soil moisture, along with ambient temperature & humidity and gives fertilizer recommendations within 5 minutes on their mobile device.

Quick result

User gets the test results on the spot

User friendly

Very easy to use

Database support

User can save data and review previous data

About SOILiD

Here are the key features of the SOILiD.

Quick Result

An effective alternative for the time consuming laboratory testing methods .

Zero Maintanance

No need of extravagant measures to ensure smooth running of device.

User Friendly

Simple installation and easy to use technology with one click results.

Database Support

By thorough analysis of your past results, we provide you suggestions and predictions

Long Battery Life

Very efficient battery pack inside the device, to ensure no need to charge device again and again.

Android App

An android app developed to simplify the user interaction with the device.


The various Farmer Soil Parameters that the device provides are


It plays a very important role in the vegetative growth of plant and the photosynthesis


Yield potential of the crop is decided by Phosphorus. It makes plant growth faster making them sturdy and controls adverse effects of excess Nitrogen.


Potash plays an important role in improvement of crop quality, disease and pest resistance and managing water stress condition in the crop. It improves health of crop and helps as a catalyst in photosynthesis.


Soil pH strongly influences microbiological activity, mineral elements availability and, ultimately, the adaptability of the different plant species.

Organic Carbon

It is the basis of soil fertility. It releases nutrients for plant growth, promotes the structure, biological and physical health of soil, and is a buffer against harmful substances.


Soil water dissolves salts and makes up the soil solution, which is important as medium for supply of nutrients to growing plants.


It affects plant productivity and pollination.


Relative humidity directly influences the water relations of plant and indirectly affects leaf growth.


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Co-founder and COO
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Co-Founder and CFO
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Co-Founder and CEO
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Co-founder and CMO


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